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Jeff Davis @TheScotianDavisRT @StephenMcNeil: Let’s not get dragged down by negativity. We're now in a position where Nova Scotia can grow to even better heights. #ns1 day ago 12 0
Jeff Davis @TheScotianDavisHey @zachchurchill hope you had a swell birthday!1 day ago 0 0
Jeff Davis @TheScotianDavisRT @StephenMcNeil: Enjoying chatting with clients and taking their questions with @TheScotianDavis at Summer Street Industries in New Glasg…3 days ago 5 0


Wallace Martell

Wallace MartellJeff Davis for Pictou Centre

Whats your view on Fair negotiation? Teachers contracts? Maudie was a great movie, why wasn't it filmed here?? Please answer these questions. please.......

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